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Wordlist : Add 800+ Words to your Chinese vocabulary

Study "Real life" examples in the lesson below
Form the basis of your conversations using
1500 words 

About these lessons:HeinsChineseCourse
  • They are designed to build on each another.
  • Each lesson only requires learning a
    few new keys words to understand.
  • Previous vocabularies are automatically reviewed .
  • Enough English is provided to guide you.
  • Language skills are gained logically through context.
  • Basic sentence structures are mastered with regular review.
  • Practice consistently to develop a natural "feeling of fluency".
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Lesson 1
1.I, he, she, it, you(male), you(female) 2. us, them you(plural) 3. is/ am 4. and 5. possessive article 6. friend , wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend7. younger brother, older brother, younger sister, older sister
Lesson 2
1. want, (yes/no question tag)?2. not / am not / is not3. don't want / doesn't want, (yes/no question tag)?
Lesson 3
1. like.2. drink, eat.3. coffee, sandwich, tea, meat.4. ?'s (possessive)5. that, this, cup, thing.6. friend , wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend7. very.8. also.9. both/all.10. is he/she.....?
Lesson 4
1.but.2.pig/pork, cow/beef, sheep/mutton, chicken/chicken, meat.3.I don't like! I am not!4.rice. noodles.5.hamburger, apple, banana.6.red & green.
Lesson 5
1. South Africa, Taiwan, person.2. America?3. at/in , how long? months years.4. look, listen, understand!5. Chinese, English.6. have , don't have.
Lesson 6
1. Who? Mike & Rose.2. Fruit? Really?3. What?4. Black & White.5. Whose?6. From come where?7. a little.8. here & there.
Lesson 7
1.do/ work。2.some ...some。3.go。4.Why...5.why....because...thing。6.when?7.today / tomorrow / next year。8.yesterday ......(time word)ago。9.weeks, days。
Lesson 8
1. How much? two cups, two things,pieces of money.
2. fried rice, fried noodles.3. buy4. hungry, thirsty5. how many? one hundred.6. only7. how to say/go/write/play?
Lesson 9
1. First,bathroom,pizza2. Then(afterwards),accompany (go with sb),start3. so,very。 4. if, then,map,5. should。6. made by/from, milk , cake , bread.7. jin (600g)。8. pay(money) ,credit card, cash.
Lesson 10
1. time(measure), 2.  time(instance), this time, last time, next time, 1st time 3.  floor, upstairs, downstairs.4.  take, get.5.  table, chair, on, under.6.  in front of, behind ,across from.
Lesson 11
1.  free time, 2.  thing( matter, affair.),bank. 3.  busy. 4.  is it there? left side, right side,dictionary, animal. 5.  get on , get off (bus, taxi, car) ,carrefour.
Lesson 12 1. think / feel  2.  happy/ sad/ satisfied/ dissapointed 3.  what about? / how about? 4.  recommend 5.  easy/ difficult 6.  far/ near
Lesson 13 1. troublesome/ trouble/sorry to bother you,2. camping, cooking.
3.  move house.4.  problem/question, solve a problem. 5.  be afraid / to fear.
Lesson 14 1. decide, leave.  2. the/at least, the/at most. 3. late , early. 4. say/ speak .
5. strange/ weird. 6. several.
Lesson 15 1.outside, inside 2.go out, come in. 3.hope 4.or? or 5.before, after
6.even though, but. 7.self, oneself
Lesson 16 1. university,graduate.  2. surely/ certainly,surely will 3. teach
4. maybe/perhaps/probably/about 5. thought  6. as it turns out. 7. know (a person)
Lesson 17
1.let/allow ,introduce. 2.easy / make friends. 3. often.  4. bring,make a joke。
5. send/deliver/give something as a gift ,gift. 6. broken,scooter,computer,watch。7. other.
Lesson 18
1. famous. 2. close. 3. service, waiter. 4. already. 5. must, have to.  6. willing to.
7. the same, not the same(different),more or less. 8. enough.
Lesson 19
1. lately/ recently, more 2. just/ just a moment ago, bed, get out of bed,funny.
3. style/ appearance. 4. on your body. 5. very. 6. (bad to) 7.  dirty, clean.
8. at once, immediately.
Lesson 20
1. special 2. happy 3. It seems, to look like.  4. need not. 5. weekend,(have a nice...). 6. parcel. 7. more and more, fat, thin,weather. 8. It's best that...; it's better,the best. 9. however/but.

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