High  Intermediate Wordlist

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Chinese Pinyin Meaning
āi inj.: mild exclamation/sigh, Gosh!; My!
愛好 iho hobby, interest
愛好 iho love, like, be fond of, be keen on
愛護 ih cherish, treasure, take good care of
愛情 iqng love (between man and woman)
愛人 irn lover, sweetheart
愛惜 ix treasure
愛心 ixīn mercy, benevolence, pity
哎呀 āiya inj.: of wonder/admiration/shock
哎喲 āiyāo inj.: of surprise/pain
安定 āndng stabilize
安慰 ānwi comfort, console
安心 ānxīn feel at ease, be relieved, keep one's mind on sth.
n press, push down
n according to, in accordance with
n dark, dim, dull, hidden, secret, unclear
按時 nsh on time/schedule
按照 nzho according to, in the light of, on the basis of
暗中 nzhōng in secret, surreptitiously, in the dark
骯髒 āngzhāng dirty
o boil, stew, decoct, endure, hold out, stay up late or the whole night
b uproot, pull out, draw, lift
(1) Measure word for a quantity of something that can be held in one hand; (2) Measure word for an action done with the hand to indicate its quickness.
把握 băw assurance, certainty
把握 băw grasp firmly
罷工 bgōng go on strike
罷了 ble particle: elucidating a previous proposition so as to diminish its effect
白(白) bi(bi) in vain, without results
băi (1) sway, swing, wave; (2) place, put, arrange; (3) set up for show; lay bare, display, assume
擺脫 băituō break away from, cast away (old ideas, etc.), get rid of, to break out (of)
bi lose, be defeated, beat, ruin
bi do obeisance, salute, make courtesy call
拜訪 bifăng pay visit,call on
拜年 binin pay New Year's call, wish sb. Happy New Year
拜託 bituō request sb. to do sth.
bān sort, kind, way
bān (1) Measure word for scheduled means of transport; (2) Measure word for the work in shifts.
班機 bānjī airliner, regular air service, scheduled flight
搬運 bānyn move, transport
班長 bānzhăng class monitor, squad leader, (work) team leader
bn mix
辦公 bngōng handle official business,work (usu. in an office)
辦理 bnlĭ handle, conduct, transact
半路 bnl halfway, midway
辦事 bnsh handle affairs, work
半數 bnsh half
扮演 bnyăn play part of
半夜 bny midnight, (in) the middle of the night, half a night
傍晚 bāngwăn dusk, nightfall
榜樣 băngyng example, model
bng pound
bng Measure word for hitting something with a stick-like stuff.
棒子 bngzi stick,club,cudgel
包括 bāoku include, consist of, comprise, incorporate
包裹 bāoguǒ bundle, parcel, package
包含 bāohn contain, embody, include
包裝 bāozhuāng pack, dress up
包裝 bāozhuāng packing, packaging, package
băo keep, protect
寶寶 băobăo precious/darling baby
寶貝 băobi treasured object, treasure, darling, baby, cowry
保持 băoch keep, maintain, preserve
保存 băocn preserve, conserve, keep
寶貴 băogu precious/darling baby
保護 băoh protect, safeguard
保留 băoli continue to have, retain, hold back, reserve
保守 băoshǒu conservative
保衛 băowi defend, safeguard
保險 băoxiăn insurance
保養 băoyăng take good care of one's health, maintain, keep in good repair
保障 băozhng ensure,safeguard
保障 băozhng protection, safeguard, indemnification
保證/証 băozhng guarantee
保證/証 băozhng guarantee
bo hold (a particular opinion or belief)
bo (1) report, reply; (2) to hit back (at sb. or sth.), recompense
報仇 bochu revenge, avenge
報答 bod repay, requite
報導 bodăo report
報到 bodo report for duty, check in, register
報告 bogo report, speech, (student) term paper
報告 bogo report, make known
報警 bojĭng report (an incident) to the police
暴力 bol violence, force
報名 bomng enter one's name, sign up
報社 bosh newspaper office
抱怨 boyun complain, grumble
爆炸 bozh explode, blow up
暴躁 bozo petulant, irascible, explosive
悲劇 bēij tragedy
悲痛 bēitng grieve, sorrow, painfully sad
背包 bēibāo knapsack, rucksack, field pack, shoulder bag, blanket roll
北部 běib northern part
北方 běifāng north, northern part of country
bi times, -fold
bi prepare, get ready, be equipped with, have
被動 bidng passive
背後 bihu behind, in the rear, behind/at the back
背景 bijĭng background, backdrop
背面 bimin the reverse side, the wrong side, rear, the back
輩子 bizi all one's life,lifetime
bēn go straight towards, head for, approach, be getting close to
奔跑 bēnpăo run
běn [formal]this, one's own
本來 běnli original
本領 běnlĭng capability, skill, ability
本人 běnrn I, me, myself, oneself, in person
本土 běntŭ one's native country, metropolitan territory
笨重 bnzhng awkward
force, press for, press on towards
Measure word for : (1) handwriting or painting; (2) a sum of money or an account, etc.
彼此 bĭcĭ each other, one another
比方 bĭfāng for instance
比方 bĭfāng analogy, instance, supposition, illustration by example
比方說 bĭfāngshuō for instance
筆記 bĭj notes, short sketches
比較 bĭjio contrast, comparasion
比較 bĭjio compare, contrast
比例 bĭl proportion, scale
比如 bĭr for example
比如說 bĭrshuō for instance
筆試 bĭsh take a written test
b shut, close, stop up, obstruct
畢竟 bjng after all, when all is said and done
避免 bmiăn avoid, refrain from, avert
必須 bxū necessary, required
必要 byo necessary, indispensable
必要 byo need
biān weave, plait, organize, group, edit, compile, write, compose, fabricate
biān two or more bi1n used before verbs to express the simultaneous progression or development of two or more actions
鞭炮 biānpo firecrackers, string of small firecrackers
biăn flat
便 bin then, in that case, as early/little as, as soon as
變動 bindng change, alternation
變動 bindng change, fluctuate
變更 bingēng change, modify
便利 binl facilitate
便條 bintio [informal] note
標題 biāot title, heading, headline, caption
標誌 biāozh sign,mark,symbol
標準 biāozhŭn standard
標準 biāozhŭn standard, criterion
表達 biăod express, convey ,voice
表弟 biăod younger male cousin of different surname
表哥 biăogē older male cousin of different surname
表格 biăog form, table
表妹 biăomi younger female cousin of different surname
表面 biăomin surface, face, outside, appearance
表情 biăoqng a facial expression, countenance
表示 biăosh show, express, indicate
表揚 biăoyng praise, commend
bīng feel cold, put on ice
冰淇淋 bīngqln ice cream
bĭng third, third of the ten Heavenly Stems
bng [formal]and
bng actually, truly
病毒 bngd virus
病房 bngfng hospital ward, sickroom
並且 bngqiě and, besides, moreover
turn, stir, poke, move with hand/foot/stick/etc.
菠菜 bōci spinach
波動 bōdng undulate, fluctuate
玻璃 bōl glass
b thin, flimsy, weak, light, lacking in warmth, cold, infertile
伯伯 bbo father's elder brother, uncle
伯父 bf father's older brother, uncle (address to male of father's generation)
伯母 bmŭ wife of father's elder brother, aunt
薄弱 bru frail, weak
博士 bsh Ph.D. , court academician, master of any trade/craft
博物館 bwguăn museum
脖子 bzi neck
b broadcast
不大 bd not very, not too
不當 bdng unsuitable, inappropriate
不到 bdo be less than
不斷 bdun unceasing, continuous
不斷 bdun unceasingly, continuously
不顧 bg ignore
不過 bgu only, merely
不過 bgu no more than
不見得 bjind not necessarily/likely
不利 bl unfavorable, detrimental, unsuccessful
不論 bln no matter how/who/what/etc.
不幸 bxng unfortunate
不用說 byngshuō it goes without saying; needless to say; as a matter of course
不再 bzi no more/longer
catch, seize, arrest
mend, patch, supplementary
補償 bŭchng compensate
補充 bŭchōng replenish, supplement
補課 bŭk give students an special class or tutori, supplement a lesson, make up a missed lesson
補習 bx take lessons after school/work
補助 bŭzh subsidization
補助 bŭzh subsidize
b stages in a process
不安 bān be anxious, be uneasy, be restless
不成 bchng cannot, should not, must not
不得不 bdb cannot but, have to
不得已 bdyĭ have no alternative
部隊 bdu army, troops
不敢當 bgăndāng not be deserving of
布/佈告 bgo notice, bulletin
布/佈告欄 bgoln bulletin board
不合 bh conflict with (opinioon, rules, etc.),
不僅 bjĭn not only
不良 bling bad, harmful
不滿 bmăn resentful, dissatisfied
部門 bmn department, branch, classification
不平 bpng dissatisfied, unfair, uneven
不然 brn otherwise, if not, or else
不如 br it would be better to
不如 br be unequal/inferior to
不停 btng continuously
不許 bxŭ forbid, do not permit
不許 bxŭ disallow
不宜 by be unsuitable
不由得 byude can't help
部長 bzhăng minister, head of a section
不止 bzhǐ not be limited (to), endless
不只 bzhǐ not only, not merely
布/佈置 bzh arrange, fix up, assign
不准 bzhŭn disallow
不足 bz not be enough, not be worth (doing sth.), cannot, should not
財產 cichăn property
財富 cif wealth, fortune, riches
材料 cilio material, data, stuff, ingredients
才能 cinng ability, talent
裁判 cipn judge, referee, umpire
căi step on, trample
căi pick, gather
採購 căigu purchase
彩色 căis colorful
採用 căiyng select for use, employ, adopt
參考 cānkăo consult, refer to
倉庫 cāngk warehouse, godown, granary, treasury vault
cn silkworm
慚愧 cnku ashamed
căn miserable, pitiful, tragic, cruel, savage
cng hide, conceal, store, lay by
操場 cāochăng playground, sportsground ,drill ground
操心 cāoxīn trouble about, take pains, worry, care, take trouble, wrack one's brains, worry about
操作 cāozu operate, manipulate
c volume
測量 cling measure, survey
策略 cl tactics
測試 csh survey, measure and test
測驗 cyn test
測驗 cyn test, quiz
cng Partial measure word for : (1) the storeys of a building; (2) an outer covering.
cng once, ever, before
曾經 cngjīng once, ever
chā insert, interpose
chā difference
差別 chābi difference
差錯 chācu mistake, error, mishap
插花 chāhuā decorate with flowers, insert/arrange flowers
差距 chāj spatial difference
插圖 chāt book illustrations/pictures
差異 chāy difference,divergence,discrepancy,diversity
茶館(兒) chguăn(er) teahouse
茶會 chhu tea party
茶葉 chy tea leaves
chāi tear open,take apart,pull down,dismantle
chăn produced
產量 chănling output, yield
產生 chănshēng come into being, produce, engender, emerge
產業 chăny estate, property, industry
chng to taste
chng taste, experience, come to know
長處 chngch forte, strong/good points
長度 chngd length
長方形 chngfāngxng rectangle
長久 chngjiŭ for a long time, permanently
長期 chngq long period of time, long-term
常識 chngsh general knowledge, common sense
嘗/嚐試 chngsh try
嘗/嚐試 chngsh attempt, try
長途 chngt long distance
chăng Measure word for the course of an event or certain action.
場地 chăngd space, place, site
場合 chăngh occasion, situation
廠商 chăngshāng firm, business
場所 chăngsuŏ place, arena
chāo copy, transcribe, plagiarize, lift, search and confiscate, go off with, take shortcut, fold (one's arms), grab, take up
超出 chāochū exceed, go beyond, overstep
超過 chāogu outstrip, surpass, exceed
超級 chāoj super
鈔票 chāopio bank note, paper money, bill
超人 chāorn superman
抄寫 chāoxiě copy, transcribe
超越 chāoyu exceed
超重 chāozhng be overweight, overweight
cho facing, towards
潮流 choli trend
潮溼/濕 choshī moist, damp
chăo stir-fry, fry
吵架 chăoji quarrel, have a row/spat
吵鬧 chăono wrangle, kick up a row
車禍 chēhu traffic accident
車票 chēpio ticket (for train/bus)
chě pull, tear
徹底 chdǐ complete, thorough
chn sink, keep down, lower
陳列 chnli display, exhibit
chn while
chēng prop up, brace, push/move with a pole, maintain, keep up
chēng call
chng ride
chng accomplish, succeed
chng a tenth of
成本 chngběn cost
成分/份 chngfn composition, component part, ingredient, class/economic status
成果 chngguǒ achievement, gain, positive result
成交 chngjiāo close a deal
成就 chngji achievement, accomplishment, success
乘客 chngk passenger
誠懇 chngkěn sincere
成立 chngl found, establish
承認 chngrn admit, acknowledge, recognize, give diplomatic recognition
成熟 chngsh ripe, mature
成天 chngtiān all day long, all the time
成為 chngwi become, turn into
呈現 chngxin present, appear, emerge
程序 chngx procedure, order, course, sequence,program
誠意 chngy good faith, sincerity
成語 chngyŭ set phrase, idiom
成長 chngzhăng grow up, mature
吃喝玩樂 chīhēwnl idle away one's time in pleasure-seeking ,eat
吃虧 chīkuī suffer loss, come to grief
ch late
遲早 chzăo sooner or later
chĭ rule,ruler,ruler-like instrument
尺寸 chĭcn dimension,measurement
翅膀 chbăng wing
chōng pour boiling water on, rinse, flush, charge, rush, dash, clash, collide, develop (film)
充分/份 chōngfn full,ample,abundant
充滿 chōngmăn be brimming/permeated with
充實 chōngsh substantiate,enrich,replenish
充足 chōngz adequate; sufficient; abundant; ample
蟲(子) chng(zi) worm,insect
chng again,once more
崇拜 chngbi worship,adore
崇高 chnggāo lofty,sublime
重新 chngxīn again,anew,afresh
抽屜 chōut drawer
抽煙/菸 chōuyān smoke (pipe/etc.)
chu worry,be anxious/grieved
chŏu ugly,unsightly
chū at the beginning of, in the early part of
chū first, just
chū go/come out,exit
chū exceed,go beyond
出版 chūbăn come off the press,publish,come out
初步 chūb initial,preliminary,tentative
初步 chūb initially,preliminarily,tentatively
出差 chūchāi be away on official business or on a bus,be on a business trip,be away on official business
出產 chūchăn produce,manufacture
初級 chūj elementary, primary
出境 chūjng leave country,leave the country
出口 chūkŏu exit
出門 chūmn be away from home,go on journey,go out
出色 chūs outstanding,remarkable,splendid
出身 chūshēn class origin,family background;one's previous experience/occupation
出生 chūshēng be born
出事 chūsh meet with mishap,have accident,meet with a mishap,have an accident
出售 chūshu offer for sale,sell
出席 chūx attend,be present
出院 chūyun leave hospital
出租 chūzū hire,let,rent
ch except
ch get rid of,eliminate,remove
ch (Math.) to divide
儲存 chcn lay in/up,store,stockpile
除非 chfēi only if/when, unless
廚師 chshī cook,chef
除夕 chx New Year's Eve
儲蓄 chx save,deposit
chŭ be situated in,be in a certain condition,dwell,live
處罰 chŭf punish,penalize
處理 chŭlĭ handle,deal with,dispose of,process
ch (1) Measure word for a particular landscape or location; (2) Measure word for a part of human body; (3) Individual measure word for a quilt, padded mattress, sheet, etc.
處處 chch everywhere,in all respects
chun pass (on),hand down,impart,teach,spread,transmit
傳播 chunb disseminate,propagate,spread
傳達 chund pass on,transmit,communicate
傳單 chundān leaflet, handbill
chung Individual measure word for buildings.
chung Individual measure word for a quilt, padded mattress, sheet, etc.
床單 chungdān bedclothes, bedcover, counterpane, bedsheet, bedspread, bed linen
傳染 chunrăn infect,be contagious
傳說 chunshuō it is said, they say
傳說 chunshuō legend
傳送 chunsng transmit,deliver
傳統 chuntŏng tradition
傳統 chuntŏng traditional
傳真 chunzhēn fax
傳真 chunzhēn fax, facsimile
窗口 chuāngkŏu window,wicket,ticket window
chuăng rush,dash,charge,temper oneself (by battling difficulties)
創造 chungzo create,produce,bring about
創作 chungzu creative work,creation
春季 chūnj spring, springtime
春假 chūnji spring vacation/holidays
chn pure,simple
磁帶 cdi magnetic tape
詞典 cdiăn dictionary
此外 cĭwi besides, in addition, moreover
c thorn, splinter
刺激 cjī provoking, exciting
刺激 cjī stimulate, provoke, irritate, upset
刺激 cjī stimulation
次數 csh number of times, frequency
cng usually
從不 cngb never
從此 cngcĭ henceforth,thereupon
從沒 cngmi not yet
從事 cngsh be engaged in, deal with, go in for
從小 cngxiăo from childhood, as a child
cu gather together, pool, collect, happen by chance, take advantage of, move close to, press near
wide (in diameter),thick
cuī urge, hurry, press, hasten, expedite
粗心 cūxīn careless
cn store, deposit (money)
存款 cnkuăn deposit, bank saving
存在 cnzi exist, be
促進 cjn promote, accelerate
cn a unit of length equal to one-third decimeter
cuō rub with hand
錯過 cugu miss,let slip
錯字 cuz wrongly written characters, misprint
挫折 cuzh frustration,setback
travel by or take (a conveyance)
d answer, reply, return (a call/etc.), reciprocate
答案 dn answer, solution, key
達成 dchng reach (an agreement)
達到 ddo achieve, reach, attain
a dozen of
打扮 dăbn dress/make up, deck out, pose as
打包 dăbāo pack, bale, unpack, package, box, load down
打斷 dădun break
打工 dăgōng work part-time while studying in college/etc.
打架 dăji fight, scuffle, come to blows
打擾 dărăo disturb, trouble
打算 dăsun plan
打聽 dătīng inquire/ask about
打仗 dăzhng wage war, fight battle
打招呼 dăzhāohū say hello, greet sb.
打折 dăzh tuck, sell at a discount
打針 dăzhēn give an injection, have an injection
打字 dăz do typing work, typewritten, typewrite, type
大半 dbn more than half
大大 dd great, greatly
大膽 ddăn audacious, bold, daring
大地 dd earth, mother earth
大都 ddōu for the most part, mostly
大多數 dduōsh most of, the majority of
大方 dfāng (1) generous; (2) elegant and composed, natural and poised
大哥 dgē eldest brother, gang leader
大哥大 dgēd portable/cellular telephone
大會 dhu rally, plenary meeting, conference
大街 djiē main street
大力 dl with great exertion
大量 dling large quantity, a great deal, considerable, mass
大門 dmn main entrance/door/gate
大腦 dnăo cerebrum
大清早 dqīngzăo very early morning
大嫂 dsăo wife of eldest brother, polite name for woman about one's own age
大腿 dtuĭ thigh
大小 dxiăo size
大型 dxng large-size (machines/factories/etc.)
大意 dy careless
大有 dyŏu have
大約 dyuē about, around, probably, likely
大自然 dzrn nature
大眾 dzhng the people/masses
大致 dzh roughly
di take the place of
di period, generation
代表 dibiăo represent, indicate
帶動 didng drive, spur on, bring along
大夫 difū doctor, physician
代溝 digōu generation gap
待會(兒) dihuĭ(er) shortly, in a little while
代價 diji price, cost (of doing sth.)
貸款 dikuăn loan
貸款 dikuăn grant a loan, credit
帶來 dili bring, bring about
代理 dilĭ act as agent/proxy
帶領 dilĭng lead (army/party/etc.), guide
帶路 dil show the way, lead way, lead the way, show way, act as a guide
代替 dit take the place of, substitute for
待遇 diy treatment (salary/etc.)
帶子 dizi belt
dān singly, alone
擔保 dānbăo pledge, guaranty, assurance, security, sponsion, surety, wager, cover, warranty, guarantee
單純 dānchn simple, pure, plain, artless
單調 dāndio monotonous, dull, drab, boring
擔任 dānrn assume office of, take charge of
單身 dānshēn unmarried, single
單位 dānwi unit of measurement
耽誤 dānw delay, hold up
單子 dānzi list, bill, form, bed sheet
膽量 dănling courage, guts
dn but, yet, still, nevertheless, only, merely
蛋白質 dnbizh protein
誕生 dnshēng be born, come into being, emerge
當場 dāngchăng on the spot, then and there
當初 dāngchū at that time
當地 dāngd locality, the place (named/mentioned/etc.)
當面 dāngmin face to face, in one's presence
當年 dāngnin that year, those years, bygone years, prime of life
當時 dāngsh at that time, then
當天 dāngtiān same day, that very day
當選 dāngxuăn get elected
當中 dāngzhōng [aspect]in the course of
當做 dāngzu consider/treat as
當作 dāngzu consider/treat as
dăng ward off, block, get in the way of
檔案 dăngn file, record, dossier, archives
dng to pawn
dăo island, isle
導演 dăoyăn direct ( film/play/etc.)
導演 dăoyăn director
do pour
do (1)actually(2)back, in reverse order
do Individual measure word for : (1) fences, doors, walls, etc; (2) strip-shaped things; (3) orders, procedures, questions, etc.
到達 dod reach, arrive
道德 dod morality, ethics, morals
到底 dodĭ to the end
道教 dojio Daoism (as a religion)
道路 dol road, way, path
道歉 doqin apologize
倒是 dosh actually, contrariwise
得分 dfēn score
得獎 djiăng win a prize
得了 dle well! well! ; it's enough! ; have done with it!
得意 dy be proud of, be exalted, be complacent
得罪 dzu offend, displease
dēng publish, record
dēng ascend, climb, mount, step on
燈光 dēngguāng lamplight
登記 dēngj register, check in
登山 dēngshān mountaineering
等不及 děngbj be too late to wait
等待 děngdi wait for, await
等到 děngdo until
等等 děngděng and so on, etc
等級 děngj grade, rank, order and degree, social status
等於 děngy be equal/tantamount to
凳子 dngzi stool, bench
Partial measure word for a small round or pear-shaped blob of liquid, usually falling.
的確 dqu certainly, surely
敵人 drn enemy
(1)resist,prop up;(2)balance,be equal to
抵達 dĭd reach, arrive at
抵抗 dĭkng resist, stand up to
d forward, transmit, alternate
地板 dbăn floorboard, floor
地帶 ddi zone, belt, district, region
地點 ddiăn place, site, locale
地理 dlĭ geography, geographical features of a place
地面 dmin (earth's) surface, ground, floor, region
地球 dqi the earth/globe
地攤 dtān stall with goods spread out on ground for sale
地毯 dtăn carpet, rug
地鐵 dtiě subway, underground (railway)
地位 dwi position, status
地下 dxi underground, secret activity
地形 dxng topography, terrain
地震 dzhn earthquake
典禮 diănlĭ ceremony, celebration
diăn Partial measure word for suggestion, explanation, etc.
點燃 diănrn light, kindle, ignite
點頭 diăntu nod one's head
典型 diănxng typical, representative
din put sth. under sth. else, fill up, advance money
電報 dinbo telegram, cable
電池 dinch (electric) cell, battery
電動 dindng electric
電扇 dinshn electric fan
電視台 dinshti TV station
電台 dinti broadcasting station
電梯 dintī elevator
電線 dinxin (electric) wire
店員 dinyun shop assistant, (sales) clerk
電子 dinzĭ electron
雕刻 diāok carve, engrave
雕刻 diāok statue
dio hang, lift up or let down with rope/etc., mourn, put in a fur lining, revoke, withdraw
dio fish with hook and line, angle
調查 dioch investigate, look into, survey
di fall, tumble
di drop, fall
跌倒 didăo fall, tumble
dīng fourth, fourth of the ten Heavenly Stems
dīng gaze/stare at
dng subscribe to, book (seats)
訂婚 dnghūn be betrothed, be engaged, troth, betroth, plight
定期 dngq periodical, regular
定期 dngq fixed (of time), periodically, regularly
訂位 dngwi engage, book, reserve
丟臉 diūliăn lose face, reflect, be disgraced, humiliate
丟人 diūrn lose face, be disgraced
東北 dōngběi the northeast
東部 dōngb east
東方 dōngfāng east
冬季 dōngj winter
東南 dōngnn southeast
懂得 dǒngde understand, know
懂事 dǒngsh sensible
dng hole, cavity
dng freeze, feel very cold, be frostbitten
dng Individual measure word for buildings.
動不動 dngbdng easily, at the slightest provocation, frequently, at every turn
動詞 dngc verb
動人 dngrn moving, touching
動身 dngshēn set out on a journey
動手 dngshǒu strike, hit
動作 dngzu demeanor, motion, behavior, performance, operation, looseness, agency, gesticulation, movement, comportment, business, action
du tease, play with, amuse
豆腐 dufŭ beancurd
豆漿 dujiāng soybean milk
鬥爭 duzhēng battle, fight
都市 dūsh city
d poison, toxin, narcotics
d (1)poisonous; (2)malicious, murderous, with hate or intention to harm; (3)cruel,ruthless
獨立 dl stand alone
毒品 dpǐn narcotics, drugs
獨特 dt unique, distinctive
獨自 dz alone, by oneself
讀者 dzhě reader
gamble, bet
d spend (holidays), pass (time)
duān hold sth. level, carry
dun break, cut off, break off
鍛鍊 dunlin engage in physical exercise, temper, steel, toughen
duī Collective measure word for : (1) a large number of people gathering together; (2) a mass of things in piles.
duī pile/heap up
du Collective measure word for people or fowls in orderly ranks.
對岸 dun other side of river
對策 duc way to deal with a situation
對待 dudi treat, approach, handle
對付 duf deal/cope with, counter, tackle, make do
對話 duhu dialogue
對抗 dukng resist, oppose
對立 dul oppose, set sth. against, be antagonist to
對象 duxing target, object
對於 duy (in regard) to, toward, at, for
隊員 duyun team member
dūn squat on heels, stay
dn Measure word for reprimanding or criticizing.
dn ton
多半(兒) duōbn(er) probably, most likely
多多 duōduō
多多少少 duōduōshăoshăo somewhat, to some extent, more or less
多少 duōshăo somewhat, to some extent, more or less
多數 duōsh majority
多謝 duōxi thank you very much
du take by force, seize, wrest, force one's way, contend for, deprive
duŏ hide (oneself), avoid, dodge
inj.: softly chant (poem); recite (poem) with cadence
惡劣 li vile, nasty
r and yet
而且 rqiě furthermore, besides ,moreover
而已 ryĭ particle : imparting finality (that's all)
send out, deliver, start, set out, begin
develop, expand, open up, discover, expose, show one's feeling
發表 fābiăo publish, issue
發財 fāci get rich, make a pile
發出 fāchū issue, send/give out
發達 fād developed, flourishing
發動 fādng mobilize, arouse
發抖 fādŏu shiver, shake, quiver, tremble
發揮 fāhuī bring into play, give free rein to, develop (idea/etc.), elaborate
發覺 fāju find, detect, discover
發明 fāmng invention
發明 fāmng invent, expound
發脾氣 fāpq lose temper, get angry
發起 fāqĭ initiate, sponsor, start, launch
發射 fāsh launch, project, discharge, shoot, transmit, emit
發行 fāxng issue, publish, distribute, put on sale
發言 fāyn speak, make statement/speech
發揚 fāyng develop, carry on, make most of
發音 fāyīn pronounce
發展 fāzhăn develop, expand, grow
f punish, penalize
法子 fzi way, method
法律 fălǜ law, statute
髮型 făxng haircut
法院 făyun court of justice, (law) court
fān (1)Measure word for the process of certain actions; (2)Individual measure word for the course of any action which takes time and energy; (3)Measure word for kindness, flavour, etc.
fān turn over, turn around, reverse
fān flip over, translate
翻譯 fāny translate,interpret
fn trouble
煩惱 fnnăo vexation
煩惱 fnnăo vexed, worried
繁榮 fnrng flourishing, prosperous, booming
繁殖 fnzh breed, reproduce, propagate
făn to oppose, turn against, criticize,counter,revolt,rebel,combat
făn opposite
反對 făndu oppose, be against, combat, dispute
反而 fănr on the contrary, instead
反覆 fănf repeatedly, over and over (again), again and again
返回 fănhu return, come/go back
反抗 fănkng revolt, resist
反面 fănmin reverse/wrong side, back, opposite, negative side
反問 fănwn ask (a question) in reply
反映 fănyng reflect, mirror
反應 fănyng react, respond
反應 fănyng reaction, response, repercussion
反正 fănzhng anyway, anyhow, in any case
fn criminal
犯法 fnfă violate law, break law, offend, violate the law, criminal, transgress, break the law
飯館(兒) fnguăn(er) restaurant
犯人 fnrn criminal, prisoner, convict
範圍 fnwi scope, range, extent, parameter
犯罪 fnzu commit crime/offense
fāng square
方案 fāngn scheme, plan, program
fng prevent, resist
房客 fngk tenant
防守 fngshǒu defend, guard
房屋 fngwū houses, buildings
防止 fngzhĭ prevent, guard against, avoid
放大 fngd enlarge, magnify, amplify
放棄 fngq abandon, give up, renounce
放手 fngshŏu let_go
放學 fngxu finish classes (for the day)
fēi not
fēi not be, run counter to, not conform to
非法 fēifă illegal, unlawful, illicit
fi fat, fertile, rich
肥胖 fipng fat, corpulent
肥皂 fizo soap
fi cost, spend, expend
fi lungs
廢話 fihu superfluous words, nonsense, rubbish
廢氣 fiq waste gas/steam, fume
廢水 fishuǐ waste water, effluent
廢物 fiw a good-for-nothing
分別 fēnbi difference
分別 fēnbi distinguish, differentiate
分別 fēnbi leave each other
分別 fēnbi separately, respectively
分布/佈 fēnb be distributed (over an area), be scattered
紛紛 fēnfēn in droves, numerous and in great confusion
吩咐 fēnf tell, bid, order, instruct, enjoin, say
分工 fēngōng divide the work, to work together on a project but doing different things
分開 fēnkāi separate, part, break up
分明 fēnmng clear, evident
分配 fēnpi distribute, allot, assign
分散 fēnsn disperse, scatter, decentralize
分手 fēnshǒu part company, say good-bye, break up
分數 fēnsh a mark, a grade, a score
分析 fēnxī analysis
分析 fēnxī analyze
粉筆 fěnbĭ chalk
份(兒) fn(er) share, portion
奮鬥 fndu struggle, fight, strive
憤怒 fnn indignant, angry
fēng spindle (of plants)
fēng seal
風格 fēngg style
封建 fēngjin feudal, feudalistic
瘋狂 fēngkung insane, frenzied, unbridled
蜂蜜 fēngm honey
風氣 fēngq general mood, atmosphere, common practice
風趣 fēngq humourous
風俗 fēngs custom
風險 fēngxiăn risk, hazard
瘋子 fēngzi lunatic, madman
fng meet, come upon
fng stitch, sew
諷刺 fngc satirize, mock
佛教 fjio Buddhism
否定 fŏudng negate, deny
否認 fŏurn deny, repudiate
否則 fŏuz otherwise, if not, or else
夫婦 fūf husband and wife
夫妻 fūqī husband and wife
夫人 fūrn Lady, Madame, Mrs.
f support with hand
f float
f (1)take (medicine); (2)obey, submit (oneself) to
f serve
符號 fho symbol, mark ,insignia
符合 fh accord/tally with, conform to
福利 fl material benefits, well-being, welfare
服裝 fzhuāng dress, clothing, costume
腐敗 fŭbi corrupt
輔導 fŭdăo coach, tutor
f wealthy, abundant
f go to, attend
f Measure word for : (1) two things seen together or associated; (2)facial expressions.
付出 fchū pay, expend
負擔 fdān bear, shoulder
負擔 fdān burden, load, encumbrance
附加 fjiā add, attach
父母 fmŭ father and mother, parents
婦女 fnǚ women
富裕 fy plentiful, abundant, rich
複雜 fz complicated, complex
複製 fzh duplicate, reproduce
gāi [formal]that
改革 găig reform
改進 găijn improve
改善 găishn improve, perfect
改天 găitiān on some other day
改造 găizo transform, reform, remold, remake
改正 găizhng correct, amend

gi build, construct
概念 ginin concept, conception, notion, idea
蓋子 gizi lid, cover, cap, top, shell (of tortoise/etc.)
gān liver
乾杯 gānbēi pledge, wassail, toast
乾脆 gāncu direct, forthright
găn (1)run after, pursue; (2)drive, drive away, expel
găn make dash for, rush for
感到 găndo feel, sense
感動 găndng move, touch
感激 gănjī feel grateful/indebted
趕緊 gănjĭn hurriedly, losing no time
感情 gănqng emotion, feeling, sentiment
感染 gănrăn infect, influence, affect
趕上 gănshng overtake, run into (situation), be in time for
感受 gănshu be affected by, experience, feel
感想 gănxiăng impression, reflections, thoughts
感興趣 gănxngq be interested in
gn do, work, fight
gn be engaged in
幹部 gnb cadre, staff
幹嘛 gnm do what
幹嘛 gnm why on earth, whatever for
幹什麼 gnshme why
gāng steel
鋼筆 gāngbĭ fountain pen
剛好 gānghăo exact, just right
鋼琴 gāngqn piano
港幣 găngb Hong_Kong_dollar
港口 găngkŏu port, harbor
高潮 gāocho upsurge, climax
高大 gāod tall and big, great, massive
高度 gāod highly, greatly
高度 gāod altitude, height, high degree
高峰 gāofēng peak, height
高貴 gāogu noble, high
高級 gāoj high-level, high-class, quality
高明 gāomng brilliant, wise
高速 gāos high-speed
高手 gāoshŏu expert, ace
高原 gāoyun plateau, tableland
高中 gāozhōng senior high school
găo generalized doing: do/work/manage/etc.
go accuse, go to law against
告辭 goc take leave
bear, stand, endure
歌劇 gēj opera
歌曲 gēqŭ song
歌星 gēxīng singing star
g separate, cut off, impede
隔壁 gb next door
革命 gmng revoloution
革命 gmng revolt
g separately, differently
g between a verb and its object to indicate momentum
個別 gbi individual, specific
個兒 ger stature
各行各業 ghnggy all professions/trades
各式各樣 gshgyng all sorts/kinds,various
個性 gxng individual character, personality, specific property, particularity
個子 gzi height, stature, build
根本 gēnběn at all, utterly
根本 gēnběn essence, foundation
根據 gēnj basis, grounds, foundation
根據 gēnj on the basis of, according to
更加 gngjiā (even) more
gōng supply, feed, be for (the use/convenience of)
公布/佈 gōngb promulgate, announce, publish
工廠 gōngchăng factory, mill, plant, works
工程 gōngchng engineering project
工夫 gōngfu time
功夫 gōngfu time, kung fu
工會 gōnghu trade/labor union
工具 gōngj tool, instrument, implement
公開 gōngkāi make public, make known to public
公立 gōngl public, established and maintained by the government
功能 gōngnng function, competence
公平 gōngpng fair, just, impartial
工錢 gōngqin pay
公式 gōngsh formula, form
工業 gōngy industry
供應 gōngyng supply
公用 gōngyng be for public use
公用電話 gōngyngdinhu pay phone
公元 gōngyun Christian era
工資 gōngzī wages, pay
gng together
gng share with
共同 gngtng together, jointly
共同 gngtng common, joint
貢獻 gngxin contribution
貢獻 gngxin contribute, dedicate, devote
溝通 gōutōng communicate, link up
構成 guchng constitute, form, compose, make up
購買 gumăi purchase, buy
構造 guzo structure, construction
孤單 gūdān alone, friendless
姑姑 gūgū father's sister
估計 gūj estimate, appraise, reckon
姑娘 gūning girl, daughter
ancient, age-old, not following current customs/practice
古代 gŭdi antiquity
古典 gŭdiăn classical
古蹟 gŭjī antiquity, high spot, national monument
古老 gŭlăo ancient, old
鼓勵 gŭl encouragement
鼓勵 gŭl encourage, urge
骨頭 gŭtou bone, strong character, person of a certain character
鼓舞 gŭwŭ inspire, hearten, dance for joy, rejoice
鼓掌 gŭzhăng clap one's hands, applaud
g attend to, look after, take into consideration, visit, call on
固定 gdng flat, stabile, regular
顧客 gk customer, shopper,c lient
顧問 gwn adviser, consultant
故鄉 gxiāng native place, hometown, birthplace
故意 gy intentional, willful
guā melon, gourd
瓜子 guāzi melon seed, melon seeds
掛號 guho register, registered
掛號信 guhoxn registered letter/mail
gui quite, very
gui blame
guān Partial measure word for levels of activity, such as games.
觀察 guānch observe, survey, inspect
觀點 guāndiăn point of view, standpoint
官方 guānfāng government, official
觀光 guānguāng go sightseeing, visit, tour
關鍵 guānjin key, crux
觀念 guānnin sense, idea, conception
關上 guānshng shut, steek, close
關於 guāny about, with regard to, concerning
官員 guānyun official
觀眾 guānzhng spectator, audience
guăn run, manage, administer ,have charge of, subject to discipline, bother about
管道 guăndo pipeline, conduit, piping
管理 guănlǐ manage, supervise, take care of
管制 guănzh control, put under surveillance
gun habitual, customary
冠軍 gunjūn champion
慣例 gunl usual practice
罐頭 guntu tin, can, canned goods
罐子 gunzi jug, jar, can
guāng bright, brilliant, shining
guāng naked, nude
guāng solely, merely, only
光亮 guāngling bright
光臨 guāngln be present
光明 guāngmng bright, promising, openhearted, guileless
光榮 guāngrng honor, glory,c redit
光是 guāngsh
光線 guāngxin light, ray
guăng wide, vast, numerous
廣場 guăngchăng public square
廣大 guăngd vast, wide, large-scale, wide-spread, numerous
廣泛 guăngfn extensive, wide-ranging
廣告 guănggo advertise
廣告 guănggo advertisement
廣闊 guăngku vast, broad
gung stroll, ramble, roam
逛街 gungjiē window-shop
規定 guīdng provide, formulate, fix, set
規定 guīdng rules, disciplines, regulations
規畫/劃 guīhu plan, program
規畫/劃 guīhu program, plan
規矩 guījŭ rule, custom
規律 guīlǜ law, regular pattern
規模 guīm scale, scope
規則 guīz rule, regulation
guǐ ghost, spirit
gu kneel (on both knees)
櫃臺/台 guti counter
櫃子 guzi cupboard, cabinet
貴族 guz noble, aristocrat
gŭn roll, trundle, get away, beat it
鍋(子) guō(zi) a cooking-pot, saucepan
國會 guhu parliament, congress
國籍 guj nationality
國際 guj international
國立 gul state/national maintained/run
國內 guni interior (of country), internal, domestic
國旗 guq national flag
國外 guwi overseas
國王 guwng king
國語 guyŭ national language written and spoken, textbook for primary/middle school students
國小 guxiăo primary school
國中 guzhōng middle school, junior high school
guŏ bind, wrap
果然 guŏrn really, as expected, sure enough
gu too, excessively
過程 guchng course, process
過渡 gud ferry stream
過度 gud excessive
過分/份 gufn excessive, undue
過節 guji celebrate a festival
過濾 gulǜ filtrate
過期 guq overdue, be overdue, exceed the time limit, stale
過日子 gurzi live, get along, practice economy
過世 gush die, pass away
hāi inj.: hi, hey
hi even/still more, in addition, passably, fairly, even
還不如 hibr it would be better to
還好 hihăo fortunately
還要 hiyo even/still more
還有 hiyŏu furthermore, in addition
海報 hăibo a playbill, a placard, a poster
海關 hăiguān customhouse, customs
海軍 hăijūn navy
海灘 hăitān beach
海外 hăiwi overseas, abroad
海峽 hăixi strait, channel
海鮮 hăixiān seafood
害處 hich harm
hn include
hn keep in mouth
寒冷 hnlěng cold, frigid
含量 hnling content
hăn cry out, yell
hn sweat, perspiration
航空 hngkōng aviation

hngy trade, profession, industry
毫無 how completely lack
hăo so as to, so that
好多 hăoduō many, much
好意思 hăoysi have the nerve
好在 hăozi fortunately, luckily
ho waste time, dawdle
hăo be fond of
好客 hok hospitable
好奇 hoq curious, full of curiosity
號召 hozho call, appeal (for supporters)
h pool (efforts/etc.), join, combine
h be equal to, amount to
h be fitting, accord with, conform to
h to agree, suit (purpose), match
何必 hb why must...?, there is no need
合不來 hbli not get along well
合唱 hchng sing in a chorus
合成 hchng compose, compound, synthesize
合得來 hdeli get along well
合法 hfă lawful, legitimate, rightful
合格 hg qualify, reach standard, pass
和好 hhăo become reconciled
合乎 hhū conform with/to, accord/tally with
何況 hkung much less, let alone, all the more
合理 hlĭ rational, reasonable, equitable
河流 hli river
和平 hpng mild, peaceful
和氣 hq friendly
合算 hsun reckon up, total
合適 hsh suitable, appropriate, becoming, right
hēi inj.: hey!
黑暗 hēin dark
黑夜 hēiy dark night
痕跡 hnjī mark, trace, vestige
hn hatred
hn hate,regret,be exasperated
恨不得 hnbd very anxious to,itch to
hng horizontal,transverse,across,sideways
喉嚨 hulng throat
猴子 huzi monkey, clever/glib/sharp-tongued person
hu thick, deep, profound, kind, magnanimous, large, generous, rich/strong in flavor
後代 hudi later periods/ages/generations, descendants, posterity, progeny
後方 hufāng rear
後果 huguŏ consequence, aftermath
後悔 huhuĭ regret, repent
後年 hunin year after next
後頭 hutu rear, behind
後退 hutu draw back
後院 huyun backyard
紅豆 hngdu red bean, azuki bean, love pea
(1)exhale; (2)call
忽略 hūl neglect, overlook ,lose sight of
忽視 hūsh ignore, overlook, neglect
呼吸 hūxī breathe, respire
糊塗 ht muddled, confused, thoughtless, slipshod
鬍子 hzi beard, moustache, whiskers
h Collective measure word for a household.
戶外 hwi outdoor
互助 hzh help each other
huā flowery, florid, profligate, blurred,false
花草 huācăo flowers and plants
花費 huāfi expenditure, expenses
花費 huāfi spend,expend
花盆 huāpn flowerpot, pot, planter
花瓶 huāpng flower vase, secretary kept for her good looks rather than ability
花色 huās design and color, variety of designs/sizes/colors/etc.
花生 huāshēng peanut
hu delimit, differentiate, transfer, assign, plan, draw, mark
hu slip, slide
hu slippery, smooth, cunning, crafty
華僑 huqio overseas Chinese
hu to transform physically, to disguise
hu to change, to convert, to transform, to influence
話說回來 hushuōhuli but then again
話題 hut subject of a talk, topic of conversation, topic
化學 huxu chemistry
化裝 huzhuāng disguise oneself
化妝 huzhuāng apply make-up
化妝品 huzhuāngpĭn cosmetics
懷孕 huiyn be pregnant
壞處 huich harm, disadvantage, defect
壞蛋 huidn scoundrel, bastard
歡呼 huānhū hail, acclaim
歡樂 huānl happy, joyous, gay
歡喜 huānxĭ like, be fond of
環保 hunbăo environmental protection
緩和 huănh relax, ease up, mitigate, appease
緩慢 huănmn slow
幻想 hunxiăng imagination, fantasy, daydream
幻想 hunxiăng imagine, daydream, fantasticate, fancify, dream, fancy, fantasize
huāng lose self-possession, panic
皇帝 hungd emperor
黃豆 hungdu soya bean, soybean
黃昏 hunghūn dusk
huī wave, brandish, wipe off/away, command (an army), squander (money/etc.)
huī gray
恢復 huīf resume, renew, recover, regain, restore, reinstate, rehabilitate
灰色 huīs gray ,ashy, pessimistic, gloomy
灰心 huīxīn lose heart, be discouraged
hu reply, answer
回電 hudin wire back
回教 hujio Islam
回收 hushōu recycle
回頭 hutu turn one's head, turn round
回想 huxiăng think back, recollect, recall
回信 huxn reply (letter)
回憶 huy recollect, recall
hu meeting, gathering, party, get-together, conference
會場 huchăng meeting place, conference/assembly hall
匯款 hukuăn make a remittence, remit
會員 huyun member
昏倒 hūndăo faint
婚禮 hūnlǐ wedding ceremony
昏迷 hūnm remain unconscious
婚姻 hūnyīn marriage, matrimony
hn mix
混合 hnh mix, blend, mingle
混亂 hnlun confused, chaotic
活該 hugāi serve sb. right, deservedly be, be destined to, ought, should
活力 hul vigor, vitality, energy
活潑 hupō lively, vivacious, vivid
活躍 huyu enliven, animate, invigorate
火柴 huŏchi match
火腿 huŏtuĭ ham
火災 huŏzāi a fire (accident), a conflagration, a blaze
hu disaster, misfortune
獲得 hud gain, acquire, win,a chieve
或多或少 huduōhushăo somewhat, to some extent
貨物 huw goods, commodity, merchandise
或許 huxŭ perhaps, maybe
或者 huzhě or, either or
基本 jīběn fundamental, essential, main
基本 jīběn basic, elementary
基本上 jīběnshng basically
基礎 jīchŭ base, foundation
激動 jīdng stirred, agitated
基督教 jīdūjio Christianity
機構 jīgu organization, internal structure of an organization
機關 jīguān (1)office, organ; (2)mechanism, stratagem, scheme, intrigue
幾乎 jīhū almost, nearly
積極 jīj positive, active, energetic, vigorous
基金 jījīn fund, endowment
激烈 jīli intense, sharp, fierce, acute
機票 jīpio plane ticket
肌肉 jīru muscle
機械 jīxi machine, machinery, mechanism
j utmost, extremely
j (1)Individual measure word for stairs or steps; (2)Individual measure word for the quality of goods, services; (3)Individual measure word for natural disasters.
j gather, collect
j and
疾病 jbng disease, illness
及格 jg pass ,nail, make it
集合 jh gather, assemble, muster
即將 jjiāng about to, on the point of, soon
急忙 jmng in haste, hurriedly
寂寞 jm be lonely
極其 jq extremely, exceedingly
及時 jsh timely, in time, promptly
即使 jshĭ even, even if/though
集郵 jyu collect stamps
集中 jzhōng focus, concentrate
集中 jzhōng centralize, put together
j both A and B
計較 jjio haggle over, dispute, discuss in minute detail, mind,care
記錄 jl record, note
記錄 jl record
紀念 jnin commemorate, mark
紀念 jnin commemoration, souvenir
技巧 jqiăo technique, skill, craftsmanship, dexterity
既然 jrn since, as, now that
計算 jsun count, calculate, compute
技術 jsh technique, art
記性 jxng memory capability
記憶 jy memory
記憶 jy remember, recall
記載 jzăi put down in writing, record
記者 jzhě reporter, correspondent
記住 jzh remember, learn by heart, bear in mind
jiā fine, beautiful, distinguished
加班 jiābān work overtime, work extra shift
加工 jiāgōng process
加強 jiāqing strengthen, augment, reinforce
加入 jiār add, mix, put in
加速 jiās speed up, accelerate, haste
加上 jiāshng add into
家事 jiāsh housework, family matters
家鄉 jiāxiāng hometown, native place
加以 jiāyǐ handle, treat (used before polysyllabic verbs or verbal nouns)
加油 jiāyu refuel
加油站 jiāyuzhn gas station
家長 jiāzhăng head of household, parent of schoolchildren
ji pincers, folder
jiă first , first of the ten Heavenly Stems
假如 jiăr if, supposing, in case
假裝 jiăzhuāng pretend, feign, simulate
ji marry (of a woman)
價格 jig price
價錢 jiqin price
假日 jir holiday, day off
駕駛 jishĭ driver, pilot
駕駛 jishĭ drive (vehicle), pilot (ship/plane)
價值 jizh be worth
價值 jizh value, worth
jiān do concurrently
jiān occasion
jiān penetrating ,incisive, piercing, intense, acute, sharp, shrill
jiān shoulder
肩膀 jiānbăng shoulder
堅持 jiānch persist in, insist on
堅定 jiāndng firm, staunch, steadfast
堅決 jiānju firm, determined
堅強 jiānqing staunch, steadfast
尖銳 jiānru sharp-pointed
監獄 jiāny prison, jail
jiăn select, pick out, pick up, collect, gather
jiăn pick up, collect, gather
jiăn wipe out, exterminate, cut (with scissors), clip, trim
jiăn subtract, reduce, decrease, cut, lessen, diminish, deduct
剪刀 jiăndāo scissors, shears
減輕 jiănqīng lighten, ease, mitigate
減少 jiănshăo reduce, decrease
檢驗 jiănyn test, examine, inspect
簡直 jiănzh simply, really
jin arrow
jin build, construct, erect, establish, set up, found
漸漸 jinjin gradually, by degrees, little by little
間接 jinjiē indirect, at indirect, roundabout
建立 jinl establish, set up, found
鍵盤 jinpn keyboard
健全 jinqun sound, perfect
建議 jiny proposal, suggestion
建議 jiny propose, suggest, recommend
建築 jinzh build, construct, erect
建築 jinzh building, structure, edifice, architecture
jiāng river
jiāng be about to
將要 jiāngyo going to, will, shall
講價 jiăngji bargain
講究 jiăngji tasteful, exquisite
獎金 jiăngjīn money award, bonus, premium
獎品 jiăngpĭn prize, award, trophy
獎學金 jiăngxujīn scholarship
jing surrender, capitulate, subdue, tame
降低 jingdī reduce, cut down, drop, lower
降價 jingji lower prices
jiāo pour liquid on, sprinkle water on, irrigate, water, cast
驕傲 jiāoo be proud, take pride in
交代 jiāodi explain, make clear, brief, tell, account for, justify oneself, confess
交換 jiāohun exchange, swap
交際 jiāoj assort, converse, social intercourse, intercommunicate, gam, socialize
交流 jiāoli exchange, interflow, interchange
交通 jiāotōng traffic, communications, transportation
郊外 jiāowi countryside around a city, outskirts
交往 jiāowăng associate, contact
交易 jiāoy deal, trade
交易 jiāoy deal, trade, transaction
交友 jiāoyǒu make friends
jiăo parts, angle, role, horn
jiăo pay, hand over/in
腳步 jiăob step, pace
角度 jiăod angle
角落 jiăolu corner, nook
jio compare
jio cause/ask to
教材 jioci teaching material
教導 jiodăo instruct, give guidance
教法 jiofă teaching methods, pedagogy
叫喊 jiohăn shout, howl, scream
教會 jiohu (Christian) church
教練 jiolin coach, instructor
教師 jioshī teacher, instructor
教授 jioshu professor
教授 jioshu instruct, teach
教堂 jiotng church, cathedral
教學 jioxu teach and study
教訓 jioxn chide, lecture sb.
教訓 jioxn lesson, moral
jiē connect, join, put together, come in contact with, come close to
接觸 jiēch come into contact with, get in touch with, engage, contact
接待 jiēdi receive (guests), serve (customers)
接到 jiēdo receive
街道 jiēdo street, residential district, neighborhood
階段 jiēdun stage, phase, level
接見 jiējin receive sb., grant interview to
接近 jiējn intimate, close
接近 jiējn approach, near, be close to
街頭 jiētu street (corner)
ji (1) Partial measure word for things with joints, or things that are usually joined; (2) Partial measure word for plants with joints; (3) Partial measure word for vehicles with several sections joined together.
ji junction, node
ji (1)congeal, coagulate; (2)unite, connect, join,tie,knit,knot,weave; (3)to bear (fruit)
結構 jigu structure, composition, construction, texture
結果 jiguŏ result, outcome, consequence
結果 jiguŏ to bear fruit
結合 jih combine, unite,Integrate, link, be joined in wedlock
結局 jij final result, outcome, ending
結論 jiln conclusion (of a syllogism), conclusion
結算 jisun close an account, to reckon sth. up
節省 jishěng save, thriftiness, stint, penny-pinching
節約 jiyuē economize, save
結帳 jizhng settle accounts, square accounts, balance the books, square_up
截止 jizhĭ end, close, cut off
jiě separate, divide, cut apart, untie, undo
解除 jiěch remove, relieve, get rid of
解答 jiěd answer, explain
ji (1)Measure word for regular conferences, sports meets, etc; (2)Measure word for students, graduate students, etc.
界線 jixin boundary/dividing line, limits, bounds
戒指 jizhĭ ring (for the finger)
金額 jīn amount/sum of money
今後 jīnhu henceforth, henceforward, from now on
金融 jīnrng finance, banking
金屬 jīnshŭ metals in general
jĭn only, merely, barely
儘管 jĭnguăn feel free to, not hesitate to
儘管 jĭnguăn even though, despite
緊急 jĭnj urgent, critical
僅僅 jĭnjĭn only, merely, barely
儘量 jĭnling to the best of one's ability
jn try one's best, put to best use
jn soak, steep, immerse
jn approach/reach (a particular level or state)
jn receive, eat, drink ,take, introduce
進口 jnkŏu import
近來 jnli recently, lately
進入 jnr enter, get into
近視 jnsh short-sighted
進一步 jnyb go step further
禁止 jnzhĭ prohibit, ban
精彩 jīngcăi brilliant, splendid
經費 jīngfi funds, outlay, expenses
經過 jīnggu process, course
經理 jīnglǐ manager, director
經歷 jīngl a person's past career
經歷 jīngl go through, undergo, experience
精力 jīngl energy, vigor
經濟 jīngj economy, financial condition
驚人 jīngrn astonishing, amazing, alarming
精細 jīngx meticulous, fine, careful and attentive, thorough
驚訝 jīngy amazed, astounded
經驗 jīngyn go through, experience
經驗 jīngyn experience
經營 jīngyng manage, run, engage in
警告 jǐnggo (disciplinary) warning
警告 jǐnggo warn, put on guard, caution,admonish
景色 jĭngs view, scene, landscape
jng still, quiet, calm
敬愛 jngi respect and love
淨化 jnghu purify
敬酒 jngjiŭ propose a toast
敬禮 jnglĭ salute, give a salute, extend one's greetings, respectfully yours (letter closure)
鏡子 jngzi mirror
競爭 jngzhēng compete
糾正 jiūzhng correct, redress
酒吧 jiŭbā bar
酒會 jiŭhu cocktail party
ji with regard to, concerning
救火 jihuŏ fire fighting, fightfire
究竟 jijng actually, exactly, after all, in the end
舅舅 jijiu mother's brother, uncle
救命 jimng save sb.'s life, Help!, Save me!
就算 jisun even if, granted that
就是 jish even if, even
就是 jish quite right, exactly, precisely
就是說 jishshuō that is to say, in other words, namely
就業 jiy get or take up a job
居民 jūmn resident, inhabitant
居然 jūrn unexpectedly, to one's surprise, going so far as to
居住 jūzh live, reside
j Measure word for the competitions of balls, chesses, etc.
鞠躬 jgōng bow (to sb.)
舉辦 jŭbn conduct, hold, run
舉手 jŭshŏu raise one's hand(s)
j assemble, gather, get together
j possess, have, provide, furnish
j Measure word for corpses.
具備 jbi possess, have, be provided with
劇本 jběn drama, play, script
劇場 jchăng theater
巨大 jd huge, gigantic
聚集 jj gather, assemble, collect
拒絕 jju refuse, reject, decline
俱樂部 jlb (social) club
距離 jl distance
距離 jl be apart/away from
劇烈 jli violent, fierce
劇情 jqng story line, plot
據說 jshuō it is said that...
具體 jtĭ concrete, specific, particular
具有 jyŏu possess, have, be provided with
劇院 jyun theater
juān contribute, subscribe
捐款 juānkuăn contribute money
捐款 juānkuăn contribution, donation, subscription
juăn roll up, gather, snatch,scold, rebuke
jun Measure word for things in rolls.
ju certainly
絕不 jub never
絕大部分 judbfn most of, the majority of
絕對 judu absolutely, definitely
絕對 judu absolute, perfect, definite
角色 jiăos role, part
覺悟 juw come to understand, realize
決心 juxīn determination, resolution
決心 juxīn decide, make up one's mind
jūn army
軍隊 jūndu armed forces, army, troops
軍人 jūnrn soldier, serviceman, armyman
軍事 jūnsh military affairs
to wedge in, to choke, be choked
kāi (1)blossom; (2)boil
開除 kāich expel, discharge, fire
開刀 kāidāo perform/have operation, make sb. first target of attack
開發 kāifā develop, open up, exploit
開放 kāifng set free, open (park, garden) to public, trade with foreign nations
開戶 kāih open an account, establish an account
開課 kāik give a course, teach a subject
開朗 kāilăng open and clear, clear up
開明 kāimng enlightened, open-minded
開設 kāish (1)open (shop/etc.); (2)offer (course/etc.)
開拓 kāitu open up, develop, enlarge/expand (territory/etc.)
開演 kāiyăn begin (movie/business/etc.)
看家 kānjiā look after the house, mind house, mind the house
kăn cut, chop, hack, throw sth. at
kn [aspect]
看不起 knbqĭ scorn, despise
看得起 kndeqĭ think highly of
看看 knkan
看來 knli it seems, it looks as if
看起來 knqĭli it seems, it looks as if
看樣子 knyngzi it looks as if, it appears, it seems
抗議 kngy protest
考察 kăoch inspect, make on-the-spot investigation, observe and study
考卷 kăojun examination paper
考慮 kăolǜ think over, consider
考取 kăoqŭ pass entrance examination
ko depend/rely on
靠近 kojn be nearby, be close to
carve, engrave, cut
科技 kēj science and technology
科目 kēm school subject/course, headings in account book, category of subjects
passable, pretty good, not bad
可靠 kěko reliable, trustworthy
可憐 kělin have pity on, pity
可怕 kěp fearful, terrible
可是 kěsh be indeed
渴望 kěwng thirst/long for
可惡 kěw hateful, abominable
可惜 kěx unfortunate
可喜 kěxĭ gratifying, heartening
可笑 kěxio ridiculous, funny
課程 kchng course, curriculum
客房 kfng guest room
克服 kf surmount, conquer, put up with (hardship/etc.)
客觀 kguān objective
客戶 kh client, customer
客滿 kmăn sold out, full house
課堂 ktng classroom
課外 kwi extracurricular, outside class, after school
肯定 kěndng affirm, approve, regard as positive
kŏu (1)Individual measure word for languages. (2)Mouthful, measure word for things kept in the mouth.
口才 kŏuci eloquence
口袋(兒) kŏudi(er) pocket
口號 kŏuho slogan, watchword
口紅 kŏuhng lipstick
口氣 kŏuq tone, note, manner of speaking, implication
口試 kŏush oral examination
口試 kŏush take an oral test
口水 kŏushuĭ saliva
口味 kŏuwi a person's taste, flavor of food
口音 kŏuyīn voice, local/regional accent
口語 kŏuyŭ spoken/vernacular language, gossip, slander
ku button/buckle/tie up, cover with concave object, detain, arrest, deduct, discount
kōng in vain, for nothing
空軍 kōngjūn air force
空前 kōngqin unprecedented
空中 kōngzhōng open air/sky
恐怖 kŏngb fearful, horrible
恐怕 kǒngp perhaps
kng free, with spare time
空(兒) kng(er) a cleft, fissure, a blank, unoccupied space or time
控制 kngzh control, dominate, command
誇獎 kuājiăng crack_up, praise, resound, applaud
誇張 kuāzhāng exaggerate, overstate
kuā stride, bestride, straddle, cut across, go beyond
會計 kuij accounting
kuān wide, broad, generous, lenient, comfortably off, well-off, relax, relieve, extend
寬度 kuānd width, breadth
況且 kungqiě moreover, besides, in addition
擴大 kud enlarge, extend, swell, dilate
拉肚子 lādzi suffer from diarrhoea, have diarrhea, have loose bowels
喇叭 lăba brass wind instrument, trumpet
l sharp, spicy, biting (of smell/taste)
辣椒 ljiāo hot pepper, chili
蠟燭 lzh candle
li to
li particle: used to denote the beginning of an action
來不及 libj be too late to do sth.
來得及 lidej there's still time to do sth., be in time
來回 lihu make a round trip, go to and fro
來臨 liln arrive, come, approach
來往 liwăng associate, contact
來往 liwăng come and go
來信 lixn incoming letter
來源 liyun source, origin
來自 liz come/stem/originate from
籃子 lnzi basket
lăn indolent
懶得 lănde not feel like (doing sth.), lethargic
ln mushy, sodden, mashed, rotten, decayed, fester, worn-out
lng wolf, greedy and cruel person
lng wave, billow, breaker
浪費 lngfi waste, squander
浪漫 lngmn dissolute, debauched, romantic
lāo drag for, dredge up, get by improper means
lo firm, durable
嘮叨 lodāo chatter, be garrulous
勞動 lodng do physical labor, do manual work
勞工 logōng laborer, worker
勞力 lol labor (force)
牢騷 losāo discontent, complaint, grumble
lăo always (doing sth.), for a long time,very
老百姓 lăobăixng common people, civilians
老闆娘 lăobănning boss wife
老大 lăod eldest child (in a family)
老公 lăogōng husband
老虎 lăohŭ tiger
老家 lăojiā native place, old home, one's original home
老婆 lăop wife
老實 lăosh honest, frank, well-behaved, good, simple-minded, naive
老實說 lăoshshuō honestly
老是 lăosh always
老太太 lăotitai old lady, your (my/his/etc.) mother
l happy, cheerful, be glad to, enjoy, be amused
樂觀 lguān be optimistic, be hopeful
樂趣 lq delight, pleasure, joy
垃圾 ls rubbish, garbage, junk, crap
樂意 ly be willing, be ready to
li tear, teardrop
li Collective measure word for a class of persons who have similar characteristics, or things which are alike in some way.
類似 lis similar
冷淡 lěngdn treat coldly, cold-shoulder, slight
冷靜 lěngjng sober, calm
冷飲 lěngyĭn cold drink
梨(子) l(zi) pear
離婚 lhūn divorce
gift, present
manage, run, put in order, tidy up, take notice, acknowledge, administer, govern, operate
take notice of, pay attention to
理髮 lĭfă have a haircut
理解 lĭjiě understand,comprehend
理論 lĭln theory
禮貌 lĭmo courtesy, politeness, manners
禮品 lĭpĭn gift, present
禮堂 lĭtng assembly hall, auditorium
裡/裏頭 lĭtou inside, interior
理想 lĭxiăng perfect, ideal
理想 lĭxiăng ideal
理由 lĭyu reason, grounds, argument
l Individual measure word for small, hard things, such as sand, grain, and medicine.
l (1)do good to, benefit; (2)sharp, keen
l set up, erect
立場 lchăng position, stand(point)
厲害 lhi great
立即 lj immediately, at once, promptly
力量 llng physical strength, power, force, ability
力氣 lq physical strength
利潤 lln profit
歷史 lshĭ history, past records
利息 lx interest
利益 ly interest, benefit, profit
例子 lzi example, case, instance
lin join, link, connect
lin in succession, one after another
聯合 linh to unite, ally
聯合國 linhgu United Nations
連接 linjiē join, link, connect
聯絡 linlu contact
連絡 linlu contact
連忙 linmng promptly, at once
連續 linx continuous, successive, running
連續劇 linxj TV series
臉色 liăns complexion, look, facial expression
lin practice, train, drill, boil and scour raw silk
戀愛 lini love, romantic attachment
ling estimate, measure
良好 linghăo good, well
糧食 lingsh grain, cereals, food
liăng two
ling show, shine
諒解 lingjiě understand, make allowance for
liăo to understand, end,finish
了不起 liăobqĭ amazing, terrific, extraordinary,marvelous
li Collective measure word for a line of vehicles or people.
li split, crack, divide up (profits), rend, rip open, sever (relationship)
ln pour, drench
ln be present
臨時 lnsh fill-in
凌晨 lngchn before dawn
靈魂 lnghn soul, spirit
靈活 lnghu nimble, agile, flexible, elastic
零件 lngjin spare parts, spares, components
零售 lngshu (sell) retail
零下 lngxi subzero
零用錢 lngyngqin pocket money
領帶 lĭngdi necktie, tie
領導 lĭngdăo leader
領導 lĭngdăo lead, exercise leadership
領土 lĭngtŭ territory
領先 lĭngxiān be in lead, lead (in competition)
領袖 lĭngxi leader
領域 lĭngy territory, domain, realm, field, sphere
lng make, cause
lng another
另外 lngwi in addition, besides, moreover
另外 lngwi another
liū slide, glide, sneak off, slip away
流動 lidng flow, go from place to place
流汗 lihn perspire, sweat
流利 lil be reluctant to leave or part with, fluent
留念 linin accept/keep as a souvenir
流血 lixiě bleed, shed blood
流行 lixng prevalent, popular, fashionable, in vogue, spread, rage (of contagious disease)
留學 lixu study abroad
留學生 lixushēng student studying abroad,returned student
lng dragon, dinosaur
lu particle: calling attention to, or mildly warning of, a situation
lǒu gather up, rake together, hold/tuck up, (squeeze money) extort, pull
旅客 lǚk traveler, passenger
旅行社 lǚxngsh a travel/tourist agency
綠豆 lǜdu mung bean, green gram
律師 lǜshī lawyer, attorney
l to ignore
l show, reveal, appear
路燈 ldēng street/road lamp
陸軍 ljūn ground/land force, army
路口 lkŏu crossing, intersection
錄取 lqŭ enroll, recruit, admit
路線 lxin route, itinerary, line
陸續 lx one after another, in succession
露營 lyng camp out,encamp, bivouac
錄用 lyng employ
輪船 lnchun steamer, steamship
輪流 lnli by turns, in turn
輪胎 lntāi tire
輪子 lnzi wheel
ln discuss, talk about, consider, regard, mention ,determine, decide on, discourse
論文 lnwn thesis, dissertation, treatise, paper
lu fall, drop, go down, decline, set (of sun), ebb (of tide), remain where one is, stay behind, turn over to, belong to, rest with, obtain, receive
落後 luhu fall/lay behind
落實 lush fix/decide in advance, ascertain, make sure, fulfill, implement, put into effect
落伍 luwŭ straggle, drop out, be outdated
m benumbed, having tingling feeling, have pins and needles
麻雀 mqu sparrow
馬虎 măhū be careless/casual
馬桶 mătŏng nightstool, commode
碼頭 mătu wharf, dock, port city, commercial/transportation center
螞蟻 măyĭ ant
mi bury
買單 măidān pay restaurant bill
買賣 măimi do business, carry on trade
饅頭 mntu steamed bun
滿 măn reach limit, expire, be over
滿 măn entirely, wholly
滿 măn quite, very
滿足 mănz be satisfied/contented, satisfy, meet
漫畫 mnhu caricature, cartoon
慢跑 mnpăo canter, jog, trot, lope
忙碌 mngl be busy, bustle about
盲目 mngm blind
毛筆 mobĭ writing brush
矛盾 modn contradictory
毛巾 mojīn towel
mo risk, brave
貿易 moy trade
mi coal
沒辦法 mibnfă can do nothing about it, can't help it
沒法子 mifzi [informal]can do nothing about it, can't help it, helpless
玫瑰 miguī rose
梅花 mihuā plum blossom, clubs (on playing cards), wintersweet
沒想到 mixiăngdo unexpected
měi every, each, often, frequent
美觀 měiguān pleasing to the eye
美好 měihăo fine, happy, glorious
美妙 měimio beautiful, splendid, wonderful
美術 měish art, beaux arts, fineart
魅力 mil glamor, charm, enchantment
mn Individual measure word for discipline, branch of learning, etc.
門票 mnpio entrance/admission ticket
門診 mnzhěn outpatient service
měng fierce, valiant, fearsome, severe
mng dream
夢到 mngdo to dream
夢想 mngxiăng fond dream
m enchant, lose one's bearings
迷糊 mh confused, besotted, dazed
迷路 ml stray, estray, lose one's way, wilder, get lost
迷人 mrn charming, enchanting
迷失 mshī lose (one's way,etc.)
迷信 mxn have blind faith in, make fetish of
迷信 mxn superstition
米粉 mĭfěn rice flour, rice-flour noodles
m secret, tight
蜜蜂 mfēng honeybee, bee
秘/祕密 mm secret
密切 mqi close, intimate
秘/祕書 mshū secretary
min cotton
棉被 minbi quilt with cotton wadding
棉花 minhuā cotton
免得 miănde so as not to, so as to avoid
免費 miănfi be free of charge, gratis
勉強 miănqiăng do with difficulty
min Individual measure word for the times of meeting between two persons.
面對 mindu face, confront
麵粉 minfěn flour, wheat flour
面積 minjī surface area
面臨 minln be faced with, be up against
面貌 minmo face ,features, appearance, look, aspect
面前 minqin in the face of, in front of, before
面子 minzi reputation, face, prestige
描寫 mioxiě describe, depict, portray
mio temple, shrine
mio wonderful, excellent, fine, ingenious, clever, subtle
滅亡 miwng be destroyed, die out
民國 mngu Republic of China
民間 mnjiān among the people, folk, nongovernmental, people-to-people
民主 mnzhŭ democratic
民主 mnzhŭ democracy, democratic rights
民族 mnz ethnic minority/group, nation, nationality
mng name, describe
mng Individual measure word for people.
mng bright, clear, distinct, open, obvious, overt
明白 mngbi clear, obvious
名稱 mngchēng name (of a thing or an organization)
名單 mngdān name list
明亮 mngling well-lit, bright, shining
明明 mngmng obviously, plainly
名牌 mngpi nameplate, name tag
名片 mngpin visiting/calling card, namecard
明確 mngqu make clear/definite
明星 mngxīng (movie/etc.) star
明顯 mngxiăn clear, obvious
mng order, command, assign (title/etc.)
mng life, lot, fate, destiny
命令 mnglng commend, order
命令 mnglng commend, order
命運 mngyn destiny, fate, lot
feel, touch, grope for, feel/sound out
m (1)grind, mill, turn round/about; (2)obliterate; (3)worry
模仿 mfăng imitate, follow example of
模糊 mh blur, obscure, confuse
模型 mxng model, mold, matrix, pattern
模樣 myng appearance, look
(1)brush/wipe off, exclude; (2)put on, apply, smear, plaster
陌生 mshēng strange, unfamiliar
mŏu certain person
目標 mbiāo objective, target, goal
目的地 mdd destination
目錄 ml catalogue, list, table of contents, directory
拿手 nshŏu good at
哪怕 năp no matter how
奶粉 năifěn powdered milk
耐心 nixīn patienly, persistently
耐心 nixīn patience, endurance
耐用 niyng wear, lasting long, durable
南部 nnb southern part, the south
難道 nndo Do you really mean to say that...
難得 nnd hard to come by, rare, seldom
南方 nnfāng south, southern part of country
難怪 nngui no wonder
南面 nnmin southern face, the south, the emperor
難受 nnshu feel bad/ill/unwell/unhappy, suffer pain
男子 nnzĭ man, male
năo brain
腦袋 năodi head
腦筋 năojīn brain, mind, head
腦子 năozi brain, mind, head
no make a noise, stir up trouble, give vent to anger, go in for,suffer from, be troubled by,
鬧區 noqū downtown
鬧鐘 nozhōng alarm clock
內部 nib inside, interior
內行 nihng adept, professional
內科 nikē internal medicine
內衣 niyī underwear
nng can, be able to, be capable of
能幹 nnggn able-minded, competent
能源 nngyun the sources of energy, energy resources, power sources
n ball of mud
泥土 ntŭ earth, soil, clay
nin glue, stick, paste
nin sticky, glutinous
nin glue, stick, paste
年初 ninchū beginning of year
年代 nindi age, years, time, decade
年齡 ninlng age
尿 nio to urinate
尿 nio urine
niē hold between fingers, pinch, knead with the fingers, mold, fabricate, trump up
寧可 nngkě (would) rather, better
寧願 nngyun (would) rather, better
牛排 nipi beefsteak
牛仔褲 nizĭk jean
鈕扣 niŭku button
nng dense, thick, concentrated
農產品 nngchănpĭn agricultural products, farm produce
農村 nngcūn rural area, countryside, village
濃厚 nnghu dense, thick, strong, pronounced
農民/農夫 nngmn/nngfū peasant, peasantry
農藥 nngyo agricultural/farm chemical, pesticide
農業 nngy agriculture, farming
女士 nǚsh educated girl/woman, Ms., Miss
女子 nǚzĭ woman, female
nuăn warm, warm up
暖和 nuănhuo warm, mild, sunny
暖氣 nuănq central heating
ō inj.: of surprise
particle: used when informing sb. of st. (to draw people's attention); indicating mild imperative/suggestion/exclamation/guess/etc.
u inj.: of surprised understanding
p perhaps, be afraid
pi be arranged/located/situated
pi stand in line, arrange, put in order, sequence
pi Collective measure word for teeth, things in a row and bulidings in a line.
排斥 pich repel, exclude, reject
排隊 pidu stand in line
排列 pili arrange, put in order
排球 piqi volleyball
牌子 pizi plaque, sign, brand, trademark, tune, person's reputation
pi send, dispatch, assign, appoint
pān climb, clamber, seek connections in high places, involve, implicate
pn Individual measure word for a chess or any board game, etc.
判斷 pndun judge, determine
盼望 pnwng long for, look forward to
跑步 păob jog, march at/on the double
po cannon, cannon chess piece, firecracker
po cannon, firecracker, big gun
po (1)brew, souse; (2)steep, soak, immerse
泡茶 poch make tea
pi compensate, pay for, stand a loss
賠償 pichng compensate, pay for
陪同 pitng accompany
培養 piyăng foster, train, develop, culture
pi match, find sth. to fit/replace sth. else, compound,mix
配合 pih coordinate, cooperate
pēn spurt, spout, gush, spray, sprinkle
pn Cotainer measure word for the things in a basin.
膨脹 pngzhng expand, swell, inflate
pěng hold/carry sth. level in both hands, boost ,boast, exalt, flatter
png (1)touch, knock against; (2)take one's chance, explore (3)meet, encounter, run into
碰到 pngdo run into, encounter, meet
碰見 pngjin meet unexpectedly, run into
碰上 pngshng come across, encounter
drape/hang over one's shoulders
Measure word for horses, mules, camels, etc.
comment, criticize, refute, write comments on document, slap (sb.'s face)
Collective measure word for people or goods.
批判 pīpn appraise, judge
批評 pīpng criticize
p naughty, mischievous
皮帶 pdi leather belt
皮膚 pfū skin
疲倦 pjun tired and sleepy
疲勞 plo tired, weary
脾氣 pq disposition, temperament, temper
皮鞋 pxi leather shoes
屁股 pgu buttocks, backside, end,butt
piān Partial measure for a sheet of paper or a leaf (two pages) of a book.
偏(偏) piān(piān) just, but, only
偏食 piānsh be particular with food
偏向 piānxing be partial to, inclined towards.
pin deceive, fool, hoodwink
片面 pinmin unilateral, one-sided
片子 pinzi a roll of film, film, movie
騙子 pinzi swindler, cheat
piāo blow/drift about, flutter
拼命 pīnmng risk life, make death-defying effort
貧窮 pnqing poor, needy
品德 pĭnd moral character
品質 pĭnzh character, quality
聘請 pnqĭng engage, invite
png An area measure equal to 3.3057 square meter or 36 square feet.
png based on, according to
平常 pngchng ordinary, common
平等 pngděng equal
平衡 pnghng balance
平靜 pngjng calm, quiet, tranquil
平均 pngjūn average
平時 pngsh peacetime, at ordinary times, in peacetime, in normal times
平原 pngyun plain, flatlands
婆婆 pp husband's mother, mother-in-law, maternal grandmother
quite, very, considerably
破壞 phui violate, destroy
破爛 pln rubbishy, ragged, frazzle, broken
破裂 pli burst, split, rupture
迫切 pqi urgent, pressing, imperative
spread, extend, unfold, pave,lay
fling self at
撲滅 pūmi extirpation, extermination, eradication
普遍 pŭpin universal, general, widespread, common
普及 pŭj popularize, disseminate, spread
普通 pŭtōng ordinary, common, average
普通話 pŭtōnghu putonghua, Mandarin Chinese, common speech, standard language
瀑布 pb waterfall, cataract
欺負 qīf browbeat, take advantage of, pick on
欺騙 qīpin cheat, dupe
妻子 qīzĭ wife
q chess/chess-like game, any piece used in a board game
q (1)even, equal in length/height; (2)complete, prepared, together
q [formal]its, his, her, their, it, this, that
q Measure word for newspapers or periodicals, or things that appear by stages.
其次 qc next, second
期間 qjiān time, period
旗袍 qpo cheongsam, a sheath with a slit skirt
齊全 qqun complete, all in readiness
其實 qsh as a matter of fact, actually, in fact
歧視 qsh treat with bias, despise
期限 qxin time limit, deadline
其餘 qy others, the rest
旗子 qzi flag, banner, pennant
期中 qzhōng mid-term
Measure word for unexpected accidents or events.
from on(used after nouns of time and place)
start, rise, cause to rise
run up, build a house, unload, remove,t ake up from a vault
[aspect] used after a verb to indicate sth. happening right after the action
起初 qĭchū at first, originally
起飛 qĭfēi take off (of planes/etc.)
起火 qĭhuŏ fire breaking out
起來 qĭli [aspect] used after a verb to indicate : (1)an upward movement (2) the beginning or continuation of an action (3) the completion of an action or attainment of a goal
q air, gas, smell, atmosphere, spirit
器材 qci equipment, materials
氣氛 qfēn atmosphere, ambience
氣憤 qfn angry, furious
器官 qguān organ, apparatus
氣候 qhu climate
企圖 qt attempt
企圖 qt attempt, intend
氣味 qwi flavor, smell
氣溫 qwēn air temperature
氣息 qx smell, breath
氣象 qxing climatic phenomenon, prevailing spirit/atmosphere
企業 qy enterprise, business
汽油 qyu gasoline
qiān move, change
qiān pull, lead along (by holding hand/halter/etc.)
qiān sign, autograph
簽訂 qiāndng conclude and sign (treaty/contract/etc.)
簽名 qiānmng sign one's name, autograph
千萬 qiānwn by all means, absolutely
謙虛 qiānxū modest, unassuming
簽約 qiānyuē sign a contract
簽字 qiānz initial, sign, affix one's signature, ratify
簽證 qiānzhng visa
前方 qinfāng ahead ,front direction, (war) front
前進 qinjn go forward
前頭 qintu in the front, at the head, ahead, above, preceding
前途 qint future, career, prospects
前往 qinwăng go, leave for, proceed to
qin owe
歉意 qiny apology, regret
qiāng rifle, gun
qing strong, powerful, vigorous, better, slightly more than, plus
牆壁 qingb wall
強大 qingd big and powerful, formidable
強盜 qingdo robber, bandit
強調 qingdio stress, underline
強度 qingd intensity
強烈 qingli strong, intense, violent
強迫 qingp force (sb. to do sth.)
強人 qingrn powerful person
搶救 qiăngji rush to save
qiāo strike, beat (drum/etc.)
qio see, look at
qiăo clever, intelligent, skillful, ingenious, artful, deceiving, pretty, cute
巧妙 qiăomio ingenious, skillful, clever, shrewd
悄悄 qiăoqiăo quietly, stealthily
qiē cut, slice
qiě [formal]even, moreover, further
親口 qīnkŏu (from sb.'s) own mouth
親戚 qīnqī relatives
親切 qīnqi cordial, genial, warm
親人 qīnrn close relatives
侵入 qīnr invade, intrude into
親手 qīnshŏu with one's own hands
親眼 qīnyăn with one's own eyes,personally
親自 qīnz personally, in person, firsthand
勤勞 qnlo industrious, hardworking
qīng nature's color, green, blue, greenish black
qīng clear up, settle
清晨 qīngchn early morning
清除 qīngch eliminate, get rid of
清楚 qīngchŭ understand clearly
輕鬆 qīngsōng light, relaxed
輕傷 qīngshāng minor wound
青少年 qīngshonin young people and teenagers, youths
清晰 qīngxī distinct, clear (of sound/view)
清醒 qīngxĭng be sober/wide-awake
傾向 qīngxing be inclined to, side with, prefer
qng sentiment, sensibility, inclination, interest, affection, love, passion
情人 qngrn lover, sweetheart
情書 qngshū love letter
請教 qĭngjio seek advice, Please enlighten me.
請求 qĭngqi ask, request, entreat
qing poor, impoverished, exhausted, hard-pressed
窮人 qingrn poor people, the poor
秋季 qiūj autumn season
球場 qichăng ball field
球隊 qidu ball game team
求婚 qihūn make an offer of marriage, propose
球賽 qisi ball game/tournament
球鞋 qixi gym/tennis shoes, sneakers
球員 qiyun ball team member
區別 qūbi distinction, difference
區別 qūbi distinguish, differentiate
區域 qūy region, zone, district
曲折 qūzh tortuous, complicated
take, get, obtain
take a wife
取代 qŭdi replace, supersede
取得 qŭd gain, acquire, obtain
取消 qŭxiāo cancel, abolish, nullify
取笑 qŭxio ridicule, make fun of
q in order to
q particle: used to denote an action away from the speaker or to denote the direction of the action
q get rid of, remove,cast out
去世 qsh die, pass away
quān (1) Collective measure word for people or things in a circle; (2) Measure word for certain actions of revolving.
全家 qunjiā whole family
權利 qunl right, privilege
全面 qunmin omnibearing
全面 qunmin overall, comprehensive, all-round, all-out
全球 qunqi whole world
全體 quntĭ whole body, plenary assembly
拳頭 quntu fist
qun persuade, urge, exhort
quē be short of, lack
缺點 quēdiăn defect, drawback, fault, shortcoming
缺乏 quēf be short of, lack
缺少 quēshăo lack, be short of
缺席 quēx be absent (from meeting/etc.)
確定 qudng decide firmly, settle, determine, fix, define
確認 qurn affirm, confirm, identify with certainty
確實 qush definitely true/real/certain/reliable
qn Collective measure word for a number of people or animals gathering together, or a number of close islands.
群眾 qnzhng the masses/People
然而 rnr even so, but, on the other hand.
燃料 rnlio fuel
燃燒 rnshāo burn
răn dye, soil, pollute, make strokes (in painting/etc.)
rng yield, transfer possession of sth.
讓步 rngb yield, compromise
ro wind, coil, entwine, revolve around sth., detour,go around, become entangled
cause (sth.) to happen
熱愛 ri love ardently
熱烈 rli ardent
熱門 rmn in great demand,popular
熱情 rqng enthusiasm, passion
熱情 rqng enthusiastic
熱心 rxīn warm-heartedness
人才 rnci capable person
人格 rng character
人工 rngōng manual work, manpower
人間 rnjiān the human world
人類 rnli human beings/species
人力 rnl manual labor, manpower
人情味(兒) rnqngwi(er) human touch/interest
人權 rnqun human rights
人人 rnrn everybody
人生 rnshēng human life
人事 rnsh human affairs, personnel matters
人數 rnsh number of people
人體 rntǐ human body
人物 rnw character, personage, character in literature
人心 rnxīn popular feeling, human heart
人行道 rnxngdo sidewalk
人員 rnyun personnel, staff
rěn bear, endure, hold back, forbear
忍不住 rěnbzh can't bear, can't help but do something
忍耐 rěnni endure, put up with
忍受 rěnshu endure, bear
忍心 rěnxīn have the heart to
rn allow
rn serve in a position, appoint to a position
任務 rnw assignment, job
任性 rnxng self-willed
rng still, yet
仍然 rngrn still, yet
日常 rchng usual, ordinary, daily
日出 rchū sunrise
日後 rhu in the future
日用品 ryngpĭn articles for daily use
rng contain
融化 rnghu melt (of snow/ice/etc.)
榮幸 rngxng pleasure
r be like, measure up to
r if, supposing
r according to, in accordance with, such as, as if, like, for example
如此 rcĭ thus, like this, such
如果說 rguŏshuō [informal]if, in case
如何 rh how
如何 rh how about it
如今 rjīn nowadays
如同 rtng like, similar to
如下 rxi as follows
如意 ry as one wishes
r enter, take in, receive, conform with, descend, set (of sun)
入口 rkŏu in door
入學 rxu start school, enter school/college
ruăn soft, weak, pliant, poor in quality
ru weak, feeble, inferior, young, a bit less than
sāi fill/stuff in
賽跑 sipăo race (on foot)
三角形 sānjiăoxng triangle
三明治 sānmngzh sandwich
sn distribute, let out, discharge
sn break up
喪失 sngshī lose
sāo Measure word for vessels of considerable size.
săo sweep, sweep away
掃地 săod sweep floor, reach nadir ,sweep the floor, make clean sweep
色彩 scăi color, hue, shade
shā sand, sth. granulated
沙漠 shām desert
沙灘 shātān sandy beach
沙子 shāzi sand, grit, small grains, pellets
shă stupid, muddleheaded, stunned, silly
shi dry in the sun, bask, sun, shine upon
曬太陽 shitiyng sunbathe, bask, sun
山地 shānd mountainous/hilly country, hillside field
山區 shānqū mountain area
shăn dodge, get out of the way
善於 shny be good at, be adept in
shāng injury, wound
shāng injure, wound, fall ill from, damage, harm
shāng to hurt, wound, harm
商標 shāngbiāo trademark
商場 shāngchăng market, bazaar
傷害 shānghi injure, harm
商量 shāngling consult, talk over
傷腦筋 shāngnăojīn troublesome, bothersome, knotty
商品 shāngpĭn commodity, goods, merchandise
商人 shāngrn businessman, merchant, trader
傷心 shāngxīn be sad/grieved
商業 shāngy commerce, trade, business
shng [aspect] used as a complement to a verb: (1)indicating that an action has started and is in progress (2) indicating the attainment of an objective (3) up, upward
shng to present, to affix, apply, place sth. in position
上當 shngdng be taken in, be fooled
上帝 shngd God
上級 shngj superior, higher level/authority
上升 shngshēng go up, rise, ascend
上市 shngsh go/appear on market
上台/臺 shngti mount platform, appear on the stage
上頭 shngtu above, on top/surface of, higher authorities
上下 shngxi above and below, up and down, high and low, superior and inferior, old and young, ruler and subject, heaven and earth
上衣 shngyī upper outer garment, jacket
上游 shngyu upper reaches of river, advanced position
shāo slightly
稍微 shāowi slightly, a bit
少數 shăosh a few
少年 shonin young boy, early youth (10-16)
少女 shonǚ young girl
sh snake, serpent
舌頭 shtou tongue
捨不得 shěbd hate to use or part with, grudge, begrudge
捨得 shěd be willing to give up or away
sh shoot, fire, emit, discharge, allude to, insinuate
設備 shbi equipment, facilities
社會 shhu society
設計 shj design, plan
設計 shj plan, design
設立 shl establish, found
攝影 shyĭng take a photograph, shoot a film, film
shēn stretch, extend
身邊 shēnbiān at hand, nearby
身材 shēnci stature, figure
身分/份 shēnfn identity, status, capacity
身分/份證 shēnfnzhng identity/identification card
身高 shēngāo height (of person)
深刻 shēnk deep, profound
深淺 shēnqiăn depth, seriousness
申請 shēnqĭng apply for
深入 shēnr thorough, deep-going
伸手 shēnshŏu stretch/hold out one's hand, ask for help
深夜 shēny late at night
shn god, deity, divinity
神話 shnhu mythology, myth, fairy tale
神經 shnjīng nerve
神秘 shnm mysterious, mystical
神奇 shnq magical, mystical, miraculous
神氣 shnq spirited, vigorous, cocky, overweening, triumphant
神聖 shnshng sacred, holy
神仙 shnxiān immortals, spirits, gods, the deities, supernatural beings
審查 shěnch examine, investigate
甚至 shnzh even
甚至 shnzh even (to the point of), so much so that
慎重 shnzhng cautious, discreet
shēng Measure word for the sounds such as speaking and shouting that can be heard.
shēng to rise, to hoist, to ascend, to promote
shēng unripe, green, raw, uncooked, unprocessed, crude, unfamiliar, strange, stiff, mechanical
生產 shēngchăn produce, manufacture
生存 shēngcn live, exist
生動 shēngdng lively, vivid
升高 shēnggāo go up, ascend, rise
升級 shēngj upgrade, go up (in grade/etc.), escalate
生命 shēngmng life
生肖 shēngxio year of the animal in which one was born
升學 shēngxu enter higher school
生長 shēngzhăng grow, develop
繩子 shngzi rope, string
shěng thrifty, frugal, economical
shěng save, economize, omit, leave
省得 shěngde lest
省錢 shěngqin save money, be economical
shng win victory, succeed, surpass,excel
勝利 shngl win victory/success
剩下 shngxi be left (over), remain
shī wet
shī wet
shī poetry, verse, poem
失敗 shībi be defeated, fail, lose
失掉 shīdio lose, miss
師父 shīfu honorific term of address for a Buddhist monk or nun, or a Taoist priest or nun
師傅 shīf master worker, tutor of king/emperor, general term of address in late 70s and 80s, address for service workers
施工 shīgōng work on (of construction)
失戀 shīlin lovelorn, be jilted, lose one's love
失眠 shīmin sleepless, suffer from insomnia
師母 shīmŭ wife of one's teacher/master
失去 shīq lose
詩人 shīrn poet
失望 shīwng become disappointed, lose (hope/faith)
失業 shīy lose one's job, be out of work
獅子 shīzi lion
sh at the time of, while
時常 shchng often, frequently
實話 shhu truth, truthful statement
時機 shjī an occasion, a suitable (or right) time, opportune moment
實際 shj practical, literal
時刻 shk time, moment
實力 shl actual strength
食品 shpǐn foodstuff, food
時期 shq period (of time)
實施 shshī put into effect, implement
時時 shsh often, constantly
實現 shxin realize,achieve,bring about
實行 shxng put into practice/effect,practice
實驗 shyn experiment, test
實驗 shyn test, experiment
實用 shyng practical, pragmatic, functional
實在 shzi indeed, really, honestly, in fact, as a matter of fact
實在 shzi true, real, honest, dependable
使 shĭ have sb. do sth., make, cause,e nable
使得 shĭde make, cause
始終 shĭzhōng always, from beginning to end
sh depend
sh generation, era, epoch, life, lifetime, age
適當 shdng suitable, proper
是非 shfēi right and wrong, quarrel,dispute
是否 shfŏu whether or not, is it so or not
適合 shh suit, fit
世紀 shj century
勢力 shl power, force, influence
市立 shl city-established, municipal
市民 shmn citizenry, townspeople
市區 shqū city proper, urban district
事實上 shshshng as a matter of fact, factually
示威 shwēi put on show of force, demonstrate, march
事物 shw thing, object
事先 shxiān in advance, beforehand
試驗 shyn attempt, experiment, test
式樣 shyng style, type, model
視野 shyě field of vision
事業 shy undertaking, enterprise, facilities
適應 shyng suit, adapt, fit, get used to
適用 shyng suit, be applicable
市長 shzhăng mayor
收穫 shōuhu harvest, gains, results
收據 shōuj receipt
收看 shōukn tune into, watch (e.g.,TV)
收入 shōur income
收拾 shōush put in order, tidy up
收音機 shōuyīnjī radio set
shŏu [formal]first
手電筒 shŏudintŏng torch
首都 shŏudū capital (of country)
手段 shŏudun means, method, trick, artifice
手工 shŏugōng handwork
手術 shŏush operation
首先 shŏuxiān first
手續 shŏux procedure
手指(頭) shǒuzhǐ(tou) finger
shu sell, get (plan/etc.) accepted
shu passive signifier
shu experience, be subjected to
受不了 shubliăo be unable to endure
受到 shudo be given
受得了 shudeliăo stand up to
壽命 shumng life
受傷 shushāng be injured/wounded
蔬菜 shūci vegetables, greens
書法 shūfă calligraphy, penmanship
書房 shūfng study, studio
疏忽 shūhū ignore, neglect
書籍 shūj books
輸入 shūr import, input
舒適 shūsh comfortable, cozy
sh familiar, skilled, experienced
熟練 shlin skilled, practiced, proficient
熟人 shrn acquaintance, friend
叔叔 shshu father's younger brother,uncle,uncle (child's address for young males)
熟悉 shxī know sth./sb. well
shŭ be subordinate to, belong to
暑期 shŭq summer vacation time
屬於 shŭy belong to, be part of
sh Collective measure word for things of the same kind fastened together.
sh [formal]several
數量 shling quantity, amount
樹林 shln woods, grove
樹木 shm trees
數目 shm number, amount
樹葉 shy leaves (of trees)
數字 shz numeral, figure, digit, quantity, amount
shuā scrub, brush
刷卡 shuākă pay by credit card
刷子 shuāzi brush
shuă flourish
shuāi fall, tumble, move backward and forward, swing
摔倒 shuāidăo fall down, fell an opponent
shuăi move backward and forward, throw, leave sb. behind, throw off
shui command (army)
率領 shuilĭng lead, head
shuāng two, twin, both, dual
shuāng Collective measure word for people in pairs.
雙方 shuāngfāng both sides, two parties
水分/份 shuĭfn moisture content
水平 shuĭpng standard, level
水災 shuǐzāi flood, inundation
水準 shuĭzhŭn level, standard
shu tax, duty
說服 shuf persuade, talk sb. over
睡著 shuzho fall asleep
shn obey, follow, submit to
shn smooth-going, plain sailing, arrange, put in order
shn along
順便 shnbin conveniently, in passing
順利 shnl smooth, successful, without a hitch
順手 shnshŏu smoothly, easily, without extra trouble
順序 shnx sequence, order
說不定 shuōbdng perhaps, maybe
說法 shuōfă way of saying sth., wording, formulation, statement, version, argument
說起來 shuōqĭli now that it is mentioned, in regard to
silk, threadlike thing, tiny bit, trace
tear, rip
司機 sījī driver
思考 sīkăo ponder over, reflect on
私立 sīl privately run, private
思索 sīsuŏ think deeply, ponder
私人 sīrn private
思想 sīxiăng thought, thinking, idea, ideology
死亡 sĭwng be dead/doomed
四處 sch all around, on all sides, on every side
四處 sch all around, everywhere
四方 sfāng four directions, all sides, square
似乎 shū it seems, as if, seemingly
四季 sj four seasons, each season consisting of three months
寺廟 smio temple
飼養 syăng raise (animals/etc.)
四周/週 szhōu all around, on all sides, on every side
sōng loose, slack, not hard up, light and flaky, soft
送行 sngxng see sb. off, wish sb. bon voyage
s vulgar, common
俗話 shu common saying, proverb
俗話說 shushuō As the old saying goes
速度 sd speed, velocity, tempo, rate, pace
sun consider, regard/count as